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How to Get the Best Deal on Dentures

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Not all “fake” teeth are one and the same. Like other dental procedure, dentures vary in price and quality.

Everyone wants a good deal. How can you find cheap or affordable dentures of good quality?

Who Will You See?

Where you start your search will affect the final cost. A prosthodontist is an expert who specializes in dentures. Many general dentists offer dentures of a good quality at a lower rate.

Whoever you visit make sure you ask questions about the breakdown of cost, what materials are used, and whether full or partial dentures are right for you. It’s okay to shop around and get different opinions!

Get Them Made Right The First Time

Basically, you get what you pay for. Going cheaper usually means sacrificing quality in terms of the materials used.

A higher price tag includes important features like a warranty for years (in the event of an accident) and a number of complimentary visits for fine-tuning. It might sound higher-end in the short-term, but it could really pay off down the road!

How Will You Pay?

Before agreeing to a quoted price, make sure you check with your insurance for any denture benefits.

Contact your local community health centers, Medicaid, and your local health department to find out what benefits are available in area. It’s much better to gather all your resources this way than to settle for a low-quality arrangement that could only cause you problems down the road.

Get the Most Out of Your Denture

The best way to get every penny out of your denture is to take care of it and make sure it continues to fit properly. Worn, damaged dentures can do you more harm than good. Contact your local dentist for more tips on denture shopping.

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