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How to Have a Better Fitting Denture

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A great fitting denture is essential to feeling comfortable and confident throughout the day. Without a secure fit, dentures can lead to extra bone loss, sores inside of your mouth and even cause pain.

How can you help your denture fit better, longer?

Take Your Denture Out at Night

One of the most important steps in denture home care is to remove the denture each and every night. This prevents excessive bone loss due to the pressure of the prosthesis over your jaws. Your bone needs time to rest, so nighttime is the best chance to meet that need. Be sure to soak your denture as well, to loosen and remove buildup that may have deposited throughout the day. 

Consider Having Your Denture Re-lined

Don’t rely on adhesives or pastes to keep your denture secure. These should only be used on a temporary basis – not a long term one. If your denture won’t stay in place without them, then you may need to have it relined by your dentist. This process is relatively simple, and it provides a new, updated, custom fit to the natural contour of your mouth. It’s a great way to “update” the fit of your current denture. 

See Your Dentist for Check-ups

If you’ve lost weight, been hospitalized or it has been years since a dental visit, the fit of your denture may have changed tremendously. Your dentist can assess your fit and examine your mouth to determine whether or not the denture needs to be adjusted or even replaced.

Even if you no longer have any natural teeth, you should be seeing your dentist for a check-up at least once a year for a healthy smile. Schedule your visit today!

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