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How to Keep Your Dentures Clean

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They may not be real teeth, but you depend on your dentures like they are! Caring for your full or partial denture can help it last longer, stay brighter, and fit properly for an extended period of time. Knowing the right steps to care for your denture will help it stay cleaner day in and day out.

Take Your Denture Out Every Night

Leaving your dentures in your mouth overnight doesn’t just put you at risk for infection and bone loss – it also makes your dentures dirtier. Dentures need to be soaked overnight in a cleansing solution, such as denture cleansing tablets and warm water.

Your cleansing solution will help to loosen debris that accumulated over your denture throughout the day. Allowing it to soak overnight will make it easier to brush the debris away the next morning. 

Use the Right Brush

Use a separate denture brush instead of your regular toothbrush. Denture brushes are very gentle, broader, and more efficient in cleaning your prosthesis. After you remove your denture from the cleansing solution, brush it thoroughly across all surfaces. Rinse it clean before placing it back into your mouth. 

Avoid Abrasive Toothpastes

Cleaning your denture with abrasive toothpastes can scratch the material that your denture is made of. Over time, those areas of abrasion will collect stains that make your dentures look discolored. 

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Mouth

Eliminating biofilm from your mouth can prevent excess buildup over your denture. Wipe your gums and roof of your mouth clean with a soft cloth each time you take your denture out and before you put it back in.

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