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I Was Told I Need Dentures – What Happens Next?

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Being told that you need dentures can come as a shock. How do you begin? What’s it like?

The experience varies with each individual case, but you can prepare yourself by reviewing a few basic facts on denture therapy.

Careful Planning

If you still have some teeth that need to be extracted, then your dentist will plan out the best sequence for removing them. Time is needed for your gums to heal. Your dentist will discuss with you what that process involves and how to make it as comfortable as possible.

Don’t worry – you won’t leave without having teeth to smile with! A temporary denture is typically provided that can be worn while your gums heal.

Adjusting to Dentures

The idea of having a denture takes some getting used to, as do dentures themselves. A caring team of compassionate dental experts will patiently help you to deal with the transition at every stage. They will make recommendations to promote healing and suggest food choices that will be gentle to your healing mouth.

Getting Ready for New Teeth

A series of impressions taken after your gums heal give your dentist the exact details needed to determine the size and shape of your denture. You will then work with your dentist to decide on how the final teeth on your denture should look. This part may actually be enjoyable!

Getting the Most of Your Denture

Even after you get used to your denture, you will still need to have regular dental appointments. These ensure that your smile remains healthy and functional. Contact your local dentist today to learn more about the denture options he or she recommends for you.

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