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Meeting the Challenge of Dentures and Dementia

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If you are caring for a loved one who’s suffering the degenerative effects of dementia, then you truly understand just how this challenging condition affects every aspect of life.

You already understand that dementia will not reverse itself. The focus of care becomes helping your loved one to cope comfortably and avoid feeling confused during everyday activities.

Dental health is often one of the first things to be neglected after the diagnosis of a condition such as dementia. It’s very important that you help your loved one to enjoy a healthy and comfortable smile for as long as possible, so as to avoid tooth pain or difficulty eating.

Oral health is strongly linked to overall health and a comfortable smile is crucial to getting adequate nutrition. But the effects of dementia can make it challenging to keep track of a prosthesis like a denture.

Try to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Even when there are no natural teeth, your loved one may need help keeping their mouth clean
  • Hold onto an old set of dentures in case the latest ones are lost. This makes it easier for the dentist to create a replacement set, if needed
  • Encourage your loved one to wear their dentures as often as they will cooperate to do so
  • A dental professional can mark the denture so that it can be identified if lost in a setting such as a nursing home
  • Understand that there will likely come a time when your loved one will no longer tolerate wearing a denture or having one fitted

Your local dentist is the best resource for more information and can give recommendations personalized to the needs of your loved one.

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