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Mini Implant Retained Dentures

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Are you sick of having your denture slide around and click whenever it’s in need of adjustment? Consider having implants placed to securely anchor your denture to your mouth, for good!

Are You a Candidate for Implants?

Perhaps you’ve been told before that you don’t have enough bone beneath your gum tissue to hold regular implants. Well, here’s where mini implants can make all the difference. Because these implants are much smaller than traditional implants, they don’t need as much bone to fasten into. Having mini implants inserted to attach your dentures to will prevent further bone loss and changes to the shape of your smile.

The Benefits of Conservative Surgery

Again, owing to the size of these mighty little implants, the surgery to place them is brief and minimal. This means that you could have everything completed – including attaching your original denture – within a single appointment. This also decreases discomfort and the amount of time needed for recovery.

Love Your Smile Again!

Securing your denture with mini implants will eliminate the need for frequent readjustment of your denture. You can also say goodbye to messy denture pastes and adhesives. Implant care is surprisingly simple and they will revolutionize the way you smile, talk, and eat. Gone are the days of embarrassment over a loose denture. Mini implant retained dentures will give you a new confidence to enjoy life as you did before having dentures.

Schedule a visit with your dentist to discuss your implant options for improving the retention of your denture. You may be surprised at just how simple the procedure can be!

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