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Permanent Dentures that Never Come Out

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If you could design the perfect pair of dentures, what would they be like? Would they take up less space in your mouth, make it easier to talk and eat, or even stay in place permanently? Guess what – they’re already here! A permanent denture that never comes out and will help you feel confident when you need it most. They aren’t just any dentures; they’re implant supported, permanent dentures. 

Implant supported dentures are a comprehensive smile restoration option that uses just 4 implant roots to permanently support a slimline denture. Since the denture is anchored directly to the implants, it won’t ever come loose, fall out, or rock out of place during your meal. 

The thin design of implant dentures makes them feel like natural teeth. There is no large acrylic plate extending over the mouth or metal bar across the floor of the mouth. Instead, the implant denture simply follows the natural contour of your smile and covers the area where your teeth are missing. 

These types of dentures are sometimes called “All on 4” dentures and are custom designed so that the teeth look and feel as natural as possible. Depending on the health of your bone and the placement of your dental implants, some patients complete their treatment in just one appointment. 

Who is the ideal candidate for a fixed implant denture? Patients that are missing all of their teeth in one arch; people who want a permanent option when it comes to tooth replacement; and patients with semi-healthy bone levels that can support a dental implant. To find out whether or not you’re a candidate for a fixed implant denture, see your dentist for a quick exam.

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