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Scared to Get Dentures?

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Getting dentures marks the start of a major life transition. Whether you face having your remaining teeth extracted or have been without teeth for some time, a new set of dentures will be an adjustment to anyone. It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit apprehensive!

Why You Dread Dentures. . . And Why You Don’t Need To

Most people feel that nothing else else says “age” quite like dentures do. Despite the stigma attached to dentures, even some fairly young people need these vital prosthetics, so they’re necessary “just for old people.”

Like other denture patients, you may worry that your new smile won’t look natural. Is this justified? Not anymore. Today’s dentures are custom-designed to suit your unique smile preferences. No one ever has to know that you’ve had dental work.

Maybe you fear not being able to chew or speak as well. Research shows that a denture is about 75% less effective than natural teeth when it comes to biting. But you’d be surprised at all you can manage with an accurately-fitted prosthetic, especially one supported by dental implants. It’s far better than having trouble eating!

What if your denture slides out of place? That can be prevented with four techniques:

  • Having the fit or liner adjusted by your dentist
  • Getting lots of practice
  • Using adhesive in for the first couple of weeks
  • Anchoring your denture to dental implants

Your dentist is your best resource for answering your denture questions. From extractions to healing, your provider will address every concern. “False teeth” get a bad rap, but the benefits of a well-made denture far outweigh the disadvantages. Schedule a consultation today – don’t let apprehension keep you from exploring the possibility of smiling with confidence!

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