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Stay Away from These Denture Cleaning “Hacks!”

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There are plenty of DIY tips and tricks out there for cleaning dentures. But some of those you need to avoid if you want your denture to stay in good shape.

Steel Wool and Other Stiff Brushes

You’d think a brush with firm bristles would ensure all the food and tartar are gone from your denture. But coarse brushes can leave microscopic scratches in the acrylic which harbor bacteria.

Hammers, Screwdrivers, Kitchen Knives

Never use a metal utensil to try to chip away at tartar buildup on your denture! You could slip and hurt yourself or cause costly damage to your denture.


There are ways to use household bleach to clean dentures. But you need to get your dentist’s approval and input on this option before trying it. Not all dentures are designed to be cleaned with bleach. Additionally, if you mix the solution incorrectly, you can alter the color of your denture or leave a residue that causes chemical burns in your mouth.


Mouthwash may taste minty-fresh and have some antimicrobial properties, but it’s not a good denture cleaner. It isn’t capable of killing off the kind of germs that take up residence in your denture. A mouthwash is only good for freshening up the taste of your denture after you’ve properly cleaned it.

Drying Out Your Denture

Oxygen does kill off some bacteria and odors, but drying out your denture is a bad idea. Your denture was created to fit your mouth exactly under very moist conditions. Without enough moisture, the acrylic will irreversibly shrink and warp so that you can’t wear your denture again.

Ask your dentist about safe ways to clean your denture.

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