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Steps to Take to Keep Your Denture Fitting Comfortably

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Dentures take a bit of time to get used to. They certainly do not compare with natural teeth, and it can be a lengthy process to get them adjusted to a point that you feel comfortable functioning in them. Dentures represent a higher standard of living because they aim to replace your lost ability to chew normal foods. As long as you can take advantage of the help that dentures provide, you want them to fit as comfortably as possible. Consider a few tips for keeping your denture fitting well.

Remove Your Denture at Night

You may wear your denture for most of the 24-hour day, initially, to get your mouth used to its presence. Eventually, however, you should take it out every night to allow your gums to “breathe.” By never removing your denture, you are making your mouth susceptible to irritation and developing fungal infections. An infection definitely makes your denture uncomfortable.

Clean As Directed

Use the cleaning products and tools our dentist recommends. Using other things can damage the denture and change the way it fits on your gums. Cleaning it well also reduces the amount of bacteria on your denture.

Soak Well

Dentures need to stay moist. When not wearing it, store your denture in water (not boiling!) or an ADA approved cleaning solution. If your denture dries out, its shape and texture will become uncomfortable.

Visit Us Regularly

By keeping regular appointments with your dentist, he or she can help monitor the health of your mouth and the fit of your dentures. The dentist will make sure that your denture is relined for a comfortable fit at the right time.

Visit your dentist once or twice a year to maintain a useful and comfortable denture for years to come.

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