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Three Things to Expect from Your Denture

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Your denture is your livelihood. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to smile, eat, or talk with your friends. You deserve to expect a few things from your denture in order to make life enjoyable each and every day.

A comfortable fit

Sore spots, rocking of your denture, or discomfort aren’t normal. A healthy denture will fit comfortably all day long. If that isn’t the case, it’s time to have your dentist give it a check to see if an adjustment is made. Over the years our bone can also change, which changes the fit in our dentures. Routine checks at the dental office can monitor these changes and help you plan ahead.


A well made denture will stay in place without adhesives or pastes. Instead, it should fit snuggly in place using suction against your natural tissues. If you can’t get your denture to sit securely throughout the day without those, then you may need to talk to your dentist about alternatives; some of those being relining your denture, replacing it, or an implant-supported denture option.  


Even dentures should look great! Your dentist can work with you to design a denture that reflects your natural personality while also enhancing your appearance. From filling in your facial profile to giving you a Hollywood smile, there are many options to consider. Your dentist will discuss the advantages to different types of materials and how they affect the outcome of your final prosthesis.

To keep your denture fitting better longer, remove it every night. Extended wear can cause bone loss that will impact the way your denture fits over time. Remember to schedule routine visits with your dentist to prevent and correct sore spots!

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