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Using Household Chemicals to Clean Dentures – Cheap, but is it Safe?

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Who doesn’t like a good bargain? Many times, we can find great bargains by getting double uses out of items that may be lying around our homes: vinegar for cleaning, tape for picking up lint, and so on.

When you don’t have the right denture cleaner handy, will just any disinfecting household solution work?

Dental experts caution that you should stay away from chemicals that aren’t intended to clean dentures, and here’s why:

You Can Damage Your Denture

Bleach is commonly used in a diluted solution to lift stains from dentures. It certainly seems to be the economic and simple alternative to a dental product. But if not done correctly (or done on the wrong kind of denture), it can result in:

  • Corrosion of metal components
  • Gradual roughening of the acrylic
  • Bleaching of the gum color
  • Breaking down the bond on a relined denture

Make sure that before you attempt ANY kind of homemade denture cleaner you check with your dentist about what your prosthesis can handle.

You Can Hurt Your Mouth

Residue from a household chemical can cause irritations, at the least, and chemical burns, at the worst. Rather than take that risk, do your mouth a favor and stick to approved denture cleaners.

What About Mouthwash and Vinegar?

There isn’t a lot of data on how vinegar solutions affect dentures. Talk with your dentist before trying it, though. As far as mouthwash goes, it’s good for your mouth, and that’s it. It isn’t powerful enough to keep dentures clean.

Remember to ask your dentist before trying any experiments on your valuable denture!

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