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What To Do If Your Denture Doesn’t Fit

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What should you do if one day you realize that your denture just doesn’t quite fit as snugly as it used to? It may seem like a quick fix to use a generous amount of denture paste to improve the fit. Some people even attempt to adjust their denture at home using anything they have on hand. This method is dangerous, because you could completely damage the denture or contaminate it with something that can irritate your mouth. What is the most reliable way to improve your denture’s fit?

Why Isn’t Your Denture Fitting?

Remember that because your jaws are no longer supporting teeth, the bone will gradually resorb over time. This means that the shape of your mouth will change. Your denture was first designed to fit your mouth’s shape on the day you received it. If it has been several months, your denture may no longer fit. Bone loss can be accelerated if you do not take your denture out at night.

The One-and-Only True Fix!

If your denture isn’t fitting properly, it is most likely due to the fact that the needs and shape of your mouth have changed. Your denture should be adjusted to reflect these changes so that it will fit and function correctly. Packing in denture paste just won’t cut it!

Be sure to visit your dentist at least every six months to ensure a comfortably fitting denture. The dentist will check the fit and reline or rebase it, if needed. Your dentist will also make sure that your mouth is in good health. A damaged or dirty denture could end up causing you even more problems.

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