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What to do When Your Denture Breaks

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If your denture has broken, it’s a true dental emergency. Sure, you may not be in pain – but how are you going to go about your normal everyday activities like eating a meal or even going out into public? The moment your denture breaks, you need to call your dentist.

Repairing your denture may be the best option. Depending on the part of the prosthesis that broke, your dentist might be able to correct it (even if only temporary) the very same day. Be sure to bring all of the pieces of the denture with you to your emergency appointment, no matter how small they might be. Although bonding the pieces together isn’t always an option, it’s better to bring them with you just in case.

More severe damage may mean that your denture needs to be replaced. Your dentist will most likely try to make the broken denture as comfortable as possible while the new denture is being made.

Don’t put your broken denture off. Without having it looked at and addressed quickly, other pieces of the denture will most likely begin to deteriorate as well – making it harder to repair.

To keep your denture lasting as long as possible, bring it with you to your routine dental check-ups. That way your dentist can inspect it for any areas of wear, cracks, or compromised surfaces that could be more prone to breakage later on. Your dentist will also see how it functions inside of your mouth and make any adjustments to improve the long-term use and fit of the prosthesis. Book your check-up at least once a year!

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