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What’s So Bad About Sleeping in Dentures?

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Sometimes, it just seems too easy to doze off while wearing your denture. Your dentist might be reminding you constantly about this. Why is this so important?

Dentures and Disease

Your denture traps food debris and bacteria against your gums. If all those particles sit there for hours on end with no break, then you could be setting yourself up for infections like thrush or even pneumonia. Dirty dentures foster disease.

Keep Your Smile Strong

Gums need to breathe! Just like you wouldn’t wear a heavy pair of work boots to bed at night, you need to remove your denture at night so that your mouth can relax.

Saliva flow decreases at night while you sleep. So that acrylic denture can get a little dried out and pasted to your gums. This will definitely irritate the sensitive tissues. It also makes your mouth prone to developing fungal infections, as well as leads to bone loss.

You may make a personal decision to keep your denture in at night on occasion if you are in unusual surroundings and don’t want others to know about your denture. Just make sure that you clean it thoroughly and have a regular routine of removing it on other nights.

What Your Dentist Recommends

Here are some general tips for caring for your denture so that you get the most out of it:

  • Rinse it off after each meal
  • Brush it daily with a soft brush and gentle cleanser
  • Clean your gums each day
  • Soak your denture in water or an approved solution each night

Keeping your denture and mouth clean is the best way to reduce your chances of developing infection or irritation.

Contact your dentist for more denture care advice specific to your needs.

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