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Whitening Your Denture

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You’re not quite sure why or when it started. For some reason, you’ve lately noticed that the color of the teeth on your denture is rather disappointing. You’d love to have a whiter smile!

But how do you lighten your denture? You might have heard of tricks involving bleach and other harsh chemicals. In spite of the hype about using products like this, you need to be cautious. You can wind up permanently damaging your denture or harming your mouth.

Take a look at the following tips for keeping your smile as brilliant as possible.

Keep Your Denture White

The whitening trays, gels, rinses, and toothpastes you might have used on natural teeth won’t cut it on dentures. Why? Because they are made from materials which don’t behave like natural tooth enamel. Teeth whitening products bleach out or buff away stain from tooth pores, but not from acrylic.

Abrasive whitening agents can actually harm a denture. These can scratch up the teeth, making them dull and more likely to absorb stain. Teeth whitening isn’t effective on the acrylic!

Minimize stain on your denture by:

  • Soaking it daily
  • Brushing it with a sturdy denture brush
  • Avoiding foods with dark pigments

Get Professional Help

Your dentist is your best resource for denture health and beauty! Visiting the dental office for regular checkups will ensure a comfortable fit. A dental expert will give you the best recommendations for products to clean your denture with.

And in the end, you might have to commit to changing out the teeth on your denture altogether if you’re interested in a brand-new whiter smile. Talk with you dentist for suggestions.

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