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Why Do My Dentures Hurt?

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Dentures are one of the necessary options for replacing teeth you have had pulled.  Sometimes, your dentures can start to cause soreness in your mouth.  What causes this to happen?

Here are some common complications that can cause discomfort with dentures:

  • Infections in your mouth
  • Irritation of your gums and mouth tissue
  • Dentures that are movable in your mouth

How can these problems be relieved and prevented? 

It is important for you to see your dentist immediately if you have any of the above issues, to prevent further complications.

Here are some tips for treating and preventing denture problems:

  • Ensure proper fit of dentures- Your bones and gums will change over time and that will cause your dentures to not fit properly.  See your dentist to adjust or replace your dentures for a proper fit.
  • Use adhesive- Use a little denture adhesive to help keep dentures secure in your mouth.
  • Daily cleaning of dentures and mouth- Daily, use a denture brush and a denture cleanser to clean your dentures.  Gently use a soft toothbrush to brush oral tissues, to clean, and help prevent odor and infections
  • Don’t sleep with dentures- The tissues in your mouth need to have a break from your dentures each night to help fight oral yeast infections.
  • Proper Denture Storage- Soaking dentures each night in a denture cleaner to help keep them clean.

Are you having pain or discomfort with your dentures?  Call your dentist for an exam right away to ensure your dentures are fitting properly and to get further advice on how to treat your individual condition.

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