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Will Anyone Be Able to Tell That I’m Wearing Dentures?

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Getting dentures for the first time can make you feel very insecure. It’s common to worry about what others will notice or think.

A Natural Look

A denture is crafted to match your unique smile. The color of the gums and teeth on the denture are selected to complement the colors and shapes in your personal characteristics. The teeth can even be made to resemble how your original teeth appeared!

So don’t worry – your smile won’t be a row of square, laser-white false teeth! When customized to your unique look, your denture doesn’t have to tip anyone off to the fact that you’re wearing false teeth.

Be Patient and Practice!

Be patient! Wear your denture as long as you can each day. Practice eating at home. Cut food into smaller-than-usual bites and work your way up to normal-sized bites. Give it a little time and you’ll soon feel confident that you can eat and talk without any embarrassing slipping or clicking.

Make Your Bite Secure

At first, you might not believe that you can actually chew food with this new prosthesis in your mouth. Using a denture adhesive in the early weeks may help give you a greater sense of security. Later, you won’t need the “training wheels” and can forget the pastes or strips.

Implants are a great option for securing false teeth. If you find that you don’t trust the feel of regular dentures, then implant therapy can give you a secure, natural-looking bite that everyone will believe is real!

Your local dental team has a lot of experience with dentures. They will help you to successfully transition into a lifestyle with false teeth and answer all of your questions.

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