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What to Do if Your Child Breaks a Tooth

A slip in the bathtub or hit with a softball can instantly change your plans for the day. Here’s what you can do if your child accidentally fractures their tooth.

Broken Tooth Emergency

Be there for your child. He or she may be in pain from the accident and shaken up from realizing a part of their tooth is gone. Reassure them that everything will be okay and then find out whether their tooth hurts.

Recover any fractured tooth pieces to show the dentist. Have your child rinse out with warm water to cleanse their mouth of any debris. They can gently hold gauze if there is any bleeding. Place an ice pack on the outside of their cheek to help reduce swelling and pain.

Call your dentist to find out how soon your child can get in for an emergency dental appointment.

Fixing a Child’s Broken Tooth

Your dentist will explain a few options for repairing the broken tooth.

If it’s a baby tooth that’s severely damaged, then it may need to be extracted. On the other hand, if the nerve is not compromised and the tooth is structurally-sound, then a stainless steel crown may be sufficient to hold things together.

Small chips in adult and baby teeth alike can be polished out. Uneven edges can be filled in with dental bonding to smooth them out. Unfortunately, severe cracks often call for a root canal and crown to help permanent teeth stay with your child for life.

Which treatment method is right for your child depends on their age and the extent of the damage that occurred.

Call your dentist right away if your child breaks a tooth to know which steps to take first.

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