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How to Get Relief from a Toothache Until You Can See a Dentist

Maybe you bit down on a hard nut in trail mix while camping and shattered a chipped tooth. Or perhaps you realized you had an abscess in the middle of the night.

Whatever the case, you’re in pain and since toothaches tend to strike at inconvenient times, you fear you won’t be able get to a dental office any time soon.

What can you do to get some fast relief? Here are a few tips to help.

Rinse with saltwater.

Swish your mouth with a small glass of warm water that has a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it. This will help reduce swelling, soothe your mouth, and cleanse your sore tooth of debris.

Make a cold compress.

You can never go wrong with a numbingly cold ice pack. Place a cold compress against the side of your face to dull the pain when you have nothing else on hand.

Use a topical anesthetic or clove oil.

Topical oral numbing gels are lifesavers in dental emergencies! They are especially good for soft tissue injuries such as when you accidentally bite your lip or tongue.

Take a painkiller.

Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen work well at dulling dental pain and inflammation to help you sleep through the night.

Try a temporary dental cement.

Temporary dental cements can be found in almost any drugstore, often coming in a kit with little tools to apply it. The cement can be used to patch up a hole left behind when a filling falls out or to reattach a loose dental crown until you can see a dentist.

You shouldn’t wait long to contact a dentist. At the earliest opportunity, call about an emergency visit to have your toothache treated.

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