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Tips For Dental Emergencies

You can’t prevent every dental emergency, but there are some great steps to avoid the most common ones. While slips in the bathroom are a common reason for children damaging their front teeth, other instances such as sporting injuries or toothaches are another. Here are some tips to help you prevent an emergency, or deal with one that just happened:

Wear a custom-made athletic guard

Professionally made sports guards not only protect your teeth, they also reduce the chance of concussion during your sporting activity. Unlike over the counter guards, a custom-made guard will stay securely in place and be much more comfortable to wear. 

Save your broken-off tooth, but dont clean it

Attempting to clean off a piece of broken tooth can make it impossible for your dentist to re-attach it, because of the microscopic anatomy and fibers in the tooth. Instead, you can place it in a cup of milk or water and immediately take it to your dentist’s office. 

Dont put dental treatment off

Waiting to have a filling done simply because of time or no symptoms of pain will only allow decay to expand further into the tooth. Abscesses and painful toothaches aren’t just miserable, they may also put you in the hospital. Get your treatment completed as early as you can, while the decay is as small as possible.  

Manage the pain until you can get into the dental office

Applying a warm or cold compress to the side of the mouth, rinsing with warm salt-water, and taking an anti-inflammatory medication are all great ways to reduce inflammation and pain on your way to the dentist.

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