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3 Ways to Make Your Dental Fillings Last As Long As Possible

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Dental fillings play a very important role. They replace tooth material that was lost to decay and protect it from the effects of more decay. Sadly, these restorations will not last forever. That’s because they just can’t compare with the defenses complete natural enamel has.

How can you make your fillings last as long as possible? If you’re interested in saving money and preserving your smile, then here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make Excellent Oral Hygiene Your Habit

Keeping your mouth as clean as possible will lower your risks of decay. Cavity-causing germs are awfully good at hiding out around the edges of fillings! The quicker they break in, the sooner you will need a new filling, or even a crown.

  1. Eat Healthy!

A diet heavy in simple carbohydrates promotes the growth of sticky and acidic dental plaque. This film is what causes cavities. Keep your diet up to par by reaching for fresh foods that are high in fiber or other nutrients, such as apples and carrots. Fresh fruits and vegetables keep your teeth cleaner and even help “brush” away the plaque that’s there.

  1. Protect Your Investments

If you have a chronic habit of grinding your teeth, especially while you sleep, then the excess pressure could cause potential problems. The grinding may wear down your teeth, weaken the margins around fillings, and cause small fractures to occur. A customized mouth guard can help protect your teeth and your fillings while you sleep.

Are you concerned about the longevity of the dental restorations that you already have? Talk with your dentist to find out more about making your fillings last.

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