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4 Smile-Healthy Summertime Snack Ideas for Kids

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With warm weather comes the need for refreshing and energizing fuel to keep little bodies healthy all summer long.

Here are a few simple snack ideas that you can offer your kids without raising their risk for tooth decay.

Classic Fresh Fruit and Veggie Platter

Celery, apples, carrots, and pears are all great examples of fresh foods that are good for teeth. Eaten sliced, these foods are good sources of fiber and water, both things that prevent dangerous plaque build-up.

Offer some dip too, like peanut butter or ranch dressing to make the healthy stuff go down a little easier.

Frozen Yogurt Pops

Sugary popsicles are a staple in hot weather. But you’re better off saving them for special occasions. If your children suck on sweet frozen treats for minutes at a time every single day, then they’re exposing their enamel to acid attacks.

Mix some lightly-sweetened yogurt with fruit and freeze it in a popsicle mold. Your kids will still get a cold sweet treat, but with a little less sugar than ice cream products. The dairy content in yogurt is good for teeth and can even slow down the activity of cavity-causing bacteria.

Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups

For a quick burst of protein, cold cuts are convenient and refreshing. Cheddar cheese pairs well with your child’s favorite deli meat and, like yogurt, can help reduce tooth decay, prevent cavities, and reduce the need for fillings and crowns.

Whole Grain Tortilla or Pita Chips or Crackers

Whole grains contain a complex fiber that cavity bacteria can’t easily digest. Plus, the fiber is good for your little ones’ digestive systems, too. Offer hummus, cream cheese, or salsa to go along with it.

Remember to bring your kids to the dentist this summer for their smile’s checkup!

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