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4 Symptoms that Your Old Metal Filling is Wearing Out

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Years ago, metal fillings were commonly used to restore teeth that had cavities.  Now, composite or tooth-colored fillings are typically used for filling decayed teeth.  Since metal fillings are becoming “fillings of the past,” it is important to have your dentist specifically examine your old metal fillings to ensure they are sealed to your tooth properly and in good condition.

Since bacteria causes cavities and everyone has bacteria in their mouth, it is important for the dental filling to have a smooth surface with edges sealed to the tooth.  This will prevent the bacteria from leaking under the filling which would cause further decay.

Dentists will typically want to replace old metal fillings with the following symptoms:

  1. A cracked or chipped filling, which allows bacteria to leak under filling
  2. The filling’s edge is not sealed to tooth, allowing bacteria to leak and creating rough edges around the restoration
  3.  Worn out fillings, which can lead to dental decay around its margin
  4. Decay seen underneath a filling, with the help of an x-ray 

 Can metal fillings cause problems in my teeth?

Yes.  Since heat causes metal to expand, amalgam fillings expand with the heat in your mouth.  When this filling expansion occurs, this can cause fractures or cracks in your teeth.  At that point, a dental crown would need to be placed on the tooth to keep the fractured tooth together.

Do you have silver-colored fillings?  Visit your dentist, where you can have all of your metal fillings examined.  After your exam, your dentist can tell you what your best restoration options would be.

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