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Alternatives to Traditional Dental Fillings

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Your dentist says you need a dental filling but there’s no way you’re letting another tooth get a silver restoration…especially one that can be seen when you smile.

There’s no way to avoid treatment altogether. Once your tooth reaches the point of needing a filling, it has to be done. Otherwise, the cavity will just grow and damage the tooth even more, or spread to other teeth.

But there are some beautiful modern dental restorations that replace classic metal filings.

Durable and Beautiful

Most of today’s dental fillings are made from a mercury- and silver-free composite resin. This material adapts comfortably to tooth structure and bonds with the enamel for a snug fit.

Being made of tooth-colored materials, composite fillings blend in nicely with teeth and can be colored to perfectly match your smile’s hue.

Indirect restorations make up another filling alternative. These restorations are made in a solid piece before the dentist cements it into the prepared spot in your tooth. In most cases, they are usually crafted from porcelain dyed to match your tooth’s color.

So between composite dental fillings and porcelain inlays or onlays, you’ve got a few simple ways to avoid a dark-colored dental filling.

But is there any way to avoid needing a filling in the first place?

Prevention Over Restoration

You’ll save money and keep your smile healthy for longer if you aim to prevent cavities.

Proper brushing and flossing are the best ways to do so. Next, try increasing your fluoride use to strengthen your enamel. Finally, ask your dentist about sealing up healthy molars so that decay won’t have the chance to settle in.

Talk with your dentist for other tips on preventative dental care to avoid needing another filling.

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