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Are White Fillings Expensive?

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As cosmetic dental materials became more common in dentistry, some patients found it frustrating that they were paying more for their treatments. Thankfully these materials have become more advanced and made restorative options like white composite fillings a smart, affordable choice for your smile.

White fillings actually prevent unnecessary adjustments to your teeth. The material bonds with porous tooth structure directly, which means less tooth preparation during the restorative process. As a result, your white fillings are much smaller than traditional silver fillings. Even if the filling needs to be changed out later, it remains to be much smaller than their metal counterparts would be. This reduces the cost of care over time, as large silver fillings may eventually need to be replaced with full coverage crowns.

Composite materials are also color-matched to your natural teeth. This allows your dentist to restore any tooth, regardless of whether or not it shows when you are smiling. Instead of having to choose a larger restoration in the front of your mouth, a small white filling is perfect.

The cost of materials has decreased over time, making white composite fillings more affordable for the majority of dental patients. Although they may cost slightly more than metal fillings, the costs are now much more comparable than they were several years ago.

Are you thinking about having your old amalgam fillings replaced with a more aesthetically pleasing white filling? You’re not alone. Many people are choosing to do the same thing, enjoying whiter smiles without dark, grey areas that show when they’re laughing or talking to friends. Find out more today by visiting your dentist for a smile evaluation.

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