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Cosmetic Options for Replacing Silver Fillings

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Are those old silver fillings getting in the way of your smile? Have you thought about having them replaced with a more aesthetic option that enhanced the appearance of your teeth? Replacing your amalgam fillings with white, composite fillings is something that people do very regularly.

White fillings blend in with your tooth. The actual shade of your replacement filling will be made to match the color of your natural tooth enamel. This allows the final restoration to blend right in with your tooth, almost making it invisible. Many people don’t like smiling in photographs because of the dark grey shades in their mouth caused by amalgam fillings. With white fillings, no one will ever know that you’ve had dental work!

Tooth colored fillings preserve tooth structure. Composite material is designed to naturally bond to your porous tooth surface. This allows it to be placed in areas with only minimal tooth preparation, instead of being wedged in by its shape (the way silver fillings are.) When you decide to have a white filling placed, you’re actually doing something good for your tooth and preserving surrounding enamel that is healthy and strong.

There are many advantages to replacing your silver fillings with tooth colored restorations. Whether or not it can be done will depend on the size of restoration needed, and the health of your surrounding tooth enamel. If your fillings are wearing out or you just don’t like the way they look, then composite restorations are the choice for you. Set up an exam with your dentist to discuss which teeth you want to replace fillings in, and feel more confident when you smile!

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