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Are Dental Fillings Magnetic?

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You might worry about having magnetic dental fillings since such materials set off things like metal detectors. You’d hate to hold up airport security just because of one or two filled teeth.

Or could getting metal fillings on opposite sides of your mouth seal your teeth shut with the magnetic force? It may sound far-fetched, but it’s a real concern that some people do have…

Non-Magnetic Metal Fillings

You’ll be relieved to hear that metal fillings do not give off a strong enough magnetic force to pull your teeth toward one another. Neither will they set off standard airport security metal detectors.

What About MRIs?

The metal in silver fillings won’t be affected by the magnetic force of an MRI. At the very worst, the metal can interfere with the clarity of the image. This is only an issue if you happen to have a lot of metal in your mouth.

Galvanic Shock

There is one unpleasant side-effect associated with having metal fillings. This is called “galvanic shock.”

Galvanic shock occurs when two metal fillings contact each other and generate a tiny electrical current. This happens if there is a difference in the composition of two different metal restorations.

While galvanic shock is not dangerous, it can cause the filled teeth to feel sensitive.

Fortunately, this phenomenon is quite rare since dentist can now check the composition of existing fillings to ensure that new ones match.

Additionally, tooth-colored composite resin restorations are gradually phasing out the use of amalgam fillings altogether, giving you a metal-free option for restoring your smile.

Beautiful, Lasting, Comfortable Dental Restorations

If you’re still worried about magnetism or problems like galvanic shock or mercury exposure, then you can always choose to have your fillings replaced with modern tooth-colored composite tooth fillings.

Ask your dentist about the best restorative option for your smile.

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