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Drill-Free Dentistry

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Did you know that sometimes it is completely possible to perform a filling without a drill or possibly even an injection? As advancements in dental technology continue to progress, some dentists are finding that newer equipment allow them to provide routine procedures like fillings in a much less invasive manner.


Dental lasers can be used on a variety of tissues, including the teeth. When your dentist uses a laser, it allows him or her to pinpoint exactly which areas of the tooth need to be treated, leaving healthy enamel in place around it. The laser removes only the damaged portion of the tooth, allowing the filling to be much smaller. 

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion allows a stream of pressurized air and particle mixture to be used in a way that removes tooth decay. During the process, tooth enamel is also conditioned so that it permits a stronger bond with the filling that is to be placed.

Both of these treatment methods can be completed without local anesthesia! Since they are minimally invasive and much more comfortable to have done, most patients find that they do not need the area to be numbed during the appointment. Of course it is still ok to request nitrous oxide, to help you relax or feel more comfortable overall.

The next time your dentist tells you that you need a filling, don’t worry! Instead, ask if your filling can be drill-free. You never would have imagined that dental treatment could be so comfortable. Don’t put it off until it gets worse and requires more intensive treatment; the earlier your dentist fills the tooth, the smaller your filling will be.

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