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What Does it Feel Like to Have Dental Fillings?

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If you haven’t gotten a filling before, then you might wonder: what do dental fillings feel like?

What it Feels Like to Get a Filling

The part most people are nervous about is the process of getting a filling.

You won’t actually feel a thing, however. The dentist will numb up your mouth with a local anesthetic that blocks any pain. You might sense a little pressure, but no discomfort. It’s all over very quickly.

After the dentist places the filling and cures it, he or she will ask you to bite down to check the feel. If it feels like you have something stuck between your teeth, that’s not right. Let the dentist know and he or she will polish it down until it’s level with your tooth.

After Getting a Filling

Your teeth might be a little sensitive right after getting a filling. That’s because they aren’t used to being opened and exposed to air. Give it a few days and your tooth should adjust. An anti-sensitivity toothpaste may also help.

If your tooth feels painful or very sensitive weeks after getting the filling, then you may need to go back to get it checked.

Life with Dental Fillings

Living and eating with dental fillings feels no different from eating with unfilled teeth. You can chew normally and should brush and floss filled teeth as you would any other tooth.

Remember that dental fillings don’t make teeth immune to decay; you can still get a cavity under or around a restoration if you slack off on your home care.

Visit your dentist if you have any other questions about dental fillings.

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