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Is There Such a Thing as a Drill-Free Dental Filling?

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Is it possible to have a filling without a drill – or even a shot? Although it isn’t always an option, yes. Thanks to advancements in hard tissue dental lasers, drill-free fillings are now a possibility.

What is a Laser Dental Filling? 

Drill-free dental fillings use hard tissue lasers to alter the tooth surface of a tooth so that a filling can be placed. Instead of using a drill to remove the decayed tooth surface, a laser destroys the damaged surface and removes it for a restoration to be placed.

Laser dental fillings are usually smaller and less invasive than traditional fillings. That’s because the lasers are narrow and only remove the small portion of the tooth surface that is being worked on.

Because these fillings are small, they can usually be done without local anesthesia (injections.) This means no needles, and no extended time spent with a numb mouth. 

Can All Fillings be Done Without a Drill? 

Usually not. Laser fillings do usually take a bit more time to prepare, which rules out more extensive treatments like large fillings or crowns. Although it may be possible, it wouldn’t be time efficient. The key is to catch the cavity as early as possible.

Your dentist will be able to give you a good idea of whether or not a drill free option is available after seeing your tooth on an x-ray. The type of restoration that you need and the size of the cavity will be the deciding factors on whether or not a drill free filling is a good option.

Want to find out more about drill free dental fillings? Call your dentist today to find out if their office offers laser fillings.

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