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Which Kind of Dental Filling Is Right for Your Tooth?

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Different kinds of dental fillings are out there to serve different purposes.

It’s like different kinds of shoes. Some are meant to make a fashion statement while others keep you dry on a rainy day or are suited to hiking.

Fillings work a lot like that. Your tooth needs a filling that’s right for the job at hand.

Here are some of the different types of fillings you may encounter.

Classic silver amalgam fillings are affordable and durable, but are being phased out. This is due to their mercury content and the fact that they can be too strong for teeth. Stress from a metal filling can cause tiny fractures in enamel.

Gold, however, is great for teeth. It works well in the oral environment and lasts a long time. The only downsides are that it’s costly and pretty noticeable. Although some people like it for just those reasons!

Today’s most popular fillings are made from composite resin. These plastic-ceramic blends camouflage nicely with natural tooth color and are conservative in design.

Exposed tooth roots near the “neck” of teeth are often candidates for glass ionomer fillings. These restorations bond well with teeth but aren’t strong. They’re ideal for the sides and edges of teeth where they won’t be engaged in the bite force.

For a mix between a crown and a filling, inlays and onlays make up the middle ground. Created outside the mouth, these indirect fillings are placed into the prepared site in one solid piece. This makes them strong but they are much more minimal than a fully crown.

Which filling is right for you? Contact your dentist to schedule a dental checkup.

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