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Replacing Metal Fillings – A Good Idea!

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Why might it be good for you to update all those old metal fillings with fresh ones? Consider a few solid reasons…

Out With the Old, in With the New

Some people are concerned about mercury poisoning from the mercury content in amalgam, or metal, fillings. While this trace amount isn’t really enough to cause problems, replacing the fillings with a non-metal material may give you some peace of mind.

Other “junk” to clean out could end up being more decayed enamel. Metal fillings tend to allow cavity-causing bacteria to sneak back in after a while. Decay advances unseen under metal fillings. By removing them, the dentist can clean out your tooth from any signs of decay.

Reinforce Your Teeth

Metal fillings expand and contract at a rate that’s faster than teeth. Over time, the expansion and contraction action with temperature change can put stress on the tooth. Small cracks can develop. Combine this with the fact that a cavity could also be weakening the tooth, and your tooth needs some new support!

A tooth-colored filling will help hold your tooth together much better than an old metal one will! If your tooth ends up needing more than just a filling, your dentist will help you take care of that, as well.

A Smile Worth Showing Off!

Lastly, those unsightly dark metal fillings can be updated with discreet white ones. Composite fillings are made from a material that is colored to exactly match your natural teeth. If you have fillings in the teeth that show when you smile, then updating them to white ones will make you less conscious about showing off your smile! Ask your dentist about the restorative options available to you in your area.

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