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Summer Diets that May be Bad for Your Smile

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When we hit the pool in the summertime, we all want to look our best. For a lot of us it also means that we’re going on a diet in an effort to lose a few pounds before we put on that swimsuit. It’s important to know that some of the things we think are good to lose weight may actually be worse on our smiles. Here are a few tips to try when you’re on that summertime diet.

Steer clear of diet sodas and sports drinks.

Even though there might not be “sugar” in diet sodas, they still contain artificial sweeteners and are very acidic on your teeth. This can cause a person to develop a lot of cavities when they think they’re drinking something that isn’t as bad for them. If you’re hitting the gym and drinking lots of sports drinks, the same thing can happen. Instead,you can avoid dental fillings and other restorations if you  stick to drinking lots of water. You’ll lose weight and your teeth will be cleaner.

Frequent snacking is worse for your teeth.

Some diets call for small portions of food throughout the day. What this does is increase the amount of exposure time that food has on your teeth. Bacteria, plaque, and acids are on your teeth longer, causing more enamel demineralization and cavities.

Your dentist and dental hygienist are trained in nutritional counseling as it relates to your oral health and a balanced diet. If you ever have questions about “fad” diets, or certain types of snacks, your dental team can answer them and inform you as to how it will affect your smile.

Posted on behalf of Patrick O’Brien DMD, Carolina Comfort Dental


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