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The Best Kind of Dental Filling

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If you think you have a cavity that need to be filled, how do you choose the right type of restoration?

There are many different kinds of fillings – metal and white, large and small, varied shapes and techniques. Your options may seem overwhelming. The good news is that you can’t simply pick one and see how it goes. Not just any kind will do.

To find out the best kind of filling, you need to have your dentist check out the tooth. He or she will let you know which options you can choose from.

Three Common Filling Types:

Amalgam fillings are the most traditional dental restorations. These are also known as silver or metal fillings. This option is fast and economical, but some individuals are concerned over the trace mercury content in amalgam.

Composite or white fillings are also very strong and look the most natural. These restorations are great for repairing teeth that are visible when you smile.

Indirect fillings are designed outside of the mouth and later cemented into the prepared tooth like a piece in a puzzle. Also called an inlay or onlay, this type of restoration is usually made from a durable and beautiful material like ceramic.

Why Did My Dentist Recommend That?

When your dentist suggests a particular type of filling, his or her recommendation considers factors like:

  • Size, shape, and depth of the cavity
  • The location and size of the tooth
  • Cosmetic appearance
  • Your oral health in general
  • The presence of other dental restorations

You can make the final decision out of the options your dentist feels are safe for you. The next time your dentist recommends a filling, ask about your options.

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