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3 Methods to Combat Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can interfere with enjoying your favorite foods, a tall glass of ice water, or sometimes even smiling outside in cooler weather. If sensitive teeth are a part of everyday life, here are some effective ways to help you eliminate it:

Fluoride Varnish

Professionally applied fluoride varnish can offer sensitivity relief for up to 3 months. Unlike foam or gel fluorides, varnish clings to the teeth for several hours, allowing the minerals to be absorbed within the pores of the tooth. Not only will fluoride combat sensitivity, it will also make your teeth more resistant to decay. 

Sensitivity Toothpaste

Unlike whitening toothpaste that opens up the pores of your teeth and exposes the nerve endings, sensitivity blends of toothpaste block these pores. Small calcium deposits strengthen the tooth and block off the openings that lead to nerve endings. For best results, use a blend approved by the ADA daily for at least two weeks for full effect. Continue using it as your normal toothpaste on a regular basis for long-lasting results. 

Bonding or Grafting

If it’s necessary to physically cover the area of exposed tooth surfaces, dental bonding or gum grafting are the top recommended methods. This prevents the root from being exposed to external stimuli that irritate the hypersensitive nerve fibers present in the porous surface.

There are several different causes of sensitive teeth. Most of the time it is due to using a home whitening treatment (including whitening toothpaste), gum recession, hypersensitive nerve tissues, or even tooth decay. See your dentist regularly for frequent visits to monitor your oral health and keep sensitive teeth at bay.

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