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3 Types of Tooth Wear and What They Mean

If you thought tooth wear only happened when you had a bad clenching habit, it’s time to think again! There are several types of tooth wear that can be visible inside of your mouth, and each of them means something different to your dentist.

Divots in the Cusps of Back Teeth

Have you ever battled chronic heartburn or acid reflux disease? Your dentist can tell if you have! People with acid reflux disease typically have small, shallow divots on the very tips of the cusps of back teeth. This symptom is a classic sign of a history of unmanaged acid reflux. If you didn’t know that you had acid reflux and your dentist finds one of these areas, it’s important to seek care from your primary care physician. 

Abfractions Along the Gumlines of the Teeth

Are there sharp, pointed areas of wear along the gumlines of your teeth? You could be grinding and clenching them too much. This severe pressure causes the tooth to flex along the gumlines, slowly chipping away thin layers of enamel. Your dentist may recommend a bite guard along with patching the areas with a composite restoration to prevent continued damage. 

Smooth Wear with Gum Recession

If you’re brushing your teeth too aggressively or using a medium to hard bristled toothbrush, you could actually be wearing away your tooth enamel. Not only that, but the excessive pressure also causes irreversible gum recession, exposing the roots of your teeth. Always use a soft bristled brush with very gentle pressure to prevent tissue damage.

There are many other types of tooth wear in addition to these! If your teeth don’t look whole like they used to, ask your dentist why.

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