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4 Causes of Gum Recession

Receding gumlines leave sensitive tooth roots exposed. They also pose both aesthetic and dental health concerns. If you’re starting to notice your gumlines creep further up the roots of your teeth (or even before you have,) you should be aware of these 4 factors that may be causing the problem: 

Aggressive Brushing

Scrubbing too hard or using a medium to stiff bristled brush can be too much for your delicate gum tissues. Heavy back and forth pressure won’t just cause the gums to recede; it will also erode your tooth enamel away (you may even notice notches in your enamel along the gumlines.) Always use a soft or extra soft brush with very mild pressure. It will clean better than you might expect!

Clenching and Grinding

The signs of bruxism (clenching and grinding) are very similar to what you see from aggressive toothbrushing. However, you will also note flattened biting surfaces or even broken dental restorations.

Gum Disease

One of the biggest signs of periodontal disease is receding gumlines. Other things to watch out for include bad breath and food packing around your teeth. The gums will detach from your tooth if you have gum disease, making the teeth look longer. Get care quickly before you lose your tooth altogether! 

Tooth Alignment

Did you know that crooked teeth are more likely to have receding gumlines? The pressure placed on your soft tissues when teeth are out of alignment may cause the gums to “pull” away.

If your gum recession is severe, you may need a graft. Contact your dentist as soon as you start seeing changes in your gums. It will help you keep your smile healthy for life!

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