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5 Benefits of a Powered Toothbrush

Your trusty manual toothbrush has faithfully served you for years.

Why switch to a newfangled battery-powered toothbrush now?

It’s easy on the hands.

One of the biggest reasons people choose electric toothbrushes is because of limited hand mobility. Powered brushes have large easy-to-grip handles and they do the work for you, so you don’t have to maneuver your hand around as much.

You’ll brush long enough.

It’s easier to make time for sufficient tooth brushing when your toothbrush acts as an alarm. Powered toothbrushes usually come with lights, beeps, or pauses in brushing to let you know when it’s time to move on to a new area in your mouth.

This trick will make your dental cleanings a lot easier!

You can avoid brushing with too much pressure.

Aggressive tooth brushing is a major contributor to receding gums.

Today’s brushing gadgets often come with a sensor that alerts you when you’re pressing too hard. Powered toothbrushes do the work for you, anyway. All you have to do is hold the bristles against your teeth.

Get a more thorough clean.

Struggle with gingivitis, bad breath, or tartar buildup?

Powered toothbrushes use ultra-small motions and ultrasonic energy to blast away plaque bacteria before it can cause trouble. That’s some cleaning power you’ll never manage by hand!

Be more diligent about brushing.

It’s just more fun to brush your teeth when you get to do it with a new toy. This is true of human beings of all ages. You’ll be more eager to brush your teeth when you get to do it with a new gadget.

Ask your dentist how to get a good deal on a new electric toothbrush.

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