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6 Ways to Strengthen and Preserve Your Tooth Enamel

Our tooth’s outer layer is the hardest substance in the body. Enamel protects the sensitive parts of our teeth from bacteria, acids, temperature, and infection. We owe the whiteness of our smile to the hue of our enamel.

Here are a few ways you can thank your enamel and keep it strong.

  1. Increase Your Fluoride Use

This mineral is famous for transforming existing enamel into something too hard for cavities to develop in.

  1. Use Anti-Sensitivity Toothpaste

Does thin enamel have you cringing at the thought of drinking ice water?

A sensitivity toothpaste contains potassium nitrate – an ingredient that blocks up microscopic openings in your enamel.

  1. Limit Acid Exposure

Acid is enamel’s worst enemy.

Bacteria secrete an acid that eats away at enamel. Sodas, sports drinks, fruits, and sugars are all highly acidic. Cut back on these and cut your enamel some slack.

  1. Say ‘Cheese!’

Cheese is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, and casein which all contribute to reinforcing enamel integrity.

  1. Get a Customized Mouthguard

Nightly teeth grinding is a nightmare for enamel. If you have a habit of clenching your teeth when you sleep, then you could probably use the protection of a bite guard.

  1. Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a thin layer of resinous white material painted over the grooves on back teeth. This isn’t a filling, but it does ‘fill in’ the deep valleys of teeth to provide an extra line of defense, giving your enamel a much-needed break!

Once your enamel is lost, it doesn’t come back. Schedule a visit to your local dentist to have your enamel checked for signs of wear.

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