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Benefits to Gingival Recontouring

Gingival recontouring involves reshaping the gum tissues. It can be done a few different ways, some involving simple laser procedures or others with a more surgical approach. Once completed, recontouring of the gums can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of your smile.

Here are a few reasons why your dentist might recommend gum recontouring:

Aesthetics and Smile Makeovers

If your gums are bulky looking or uneven, it can take away from the appearance of your smile. It may even make your teeth look lopsided, short, or unusual. Adjusting the margins of the gumlines can expose more enamel surface and help your smile look fuller. In fact, it can change your smile’s appearance without even having treatments like veneers or crowns!

Oral Health

Unhealthy gum tissues can sometimes appear bulky, excessive, or have deep pockets that are impossible to keep clean. Adjusting the gumlines to shorten the pocket depth can make it easier for you to keep your smile free of bacteria.

Certain types of medication can also cause an overgrowth of tissues, such as those taken for blood pressure. Although infection may not necessarily be a problem, bulkier gum tissues may make flossing or brushing more difficult.

Restorative Treatments

Do you need a crown or filling that extends closely to the gumline? If gum tissues overlap the area that needs to be restored, a routine restoration isn’t going to work. You need to have the tissue adjusted so that the margin of the new restoration will not extend under the gumlines (otherwise it will cause irritation or swelling.) Lengthening the tooth by altering the gumline is usually the answer.

Want to find out more about gum recontouring or crown lengthening? Call your dentist to see if either option is right for you!

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