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Are You Buying the Right Toothpaste for Your Family?

Toothpaste is more than just a special cleaner for the teeth – it has many other smile-friendly benefits. That’s why you need to select the right one based upon unique needs in your family.

How Do You Choose a Toothpaste?

There’s a wide range of packaging designs and flavors when it comes to toothpaste. Do you choose one based upon how it tastes? How much it costs? How sparkly the package is?

The most important basis for choosing a toothpaste for you family is its ingredients list.

Different toothpaste components serve different purposes.

For example:

  • Triclosan – prevents gingivitis
  • Baking soda – helps whiten teeth
  • Fluoride – cavity prevention
  • Potassium nitrate – anti-sensitivity

What Do You Need Toothpaste to Do?

Consider what your family members’ oral hygiene needs are and then select a toothpaste that will help address those concerns.

A sensitivity toothpaste is good for someone with gum recession, worn enamel, or lots of dental restorations. Fluoride pastes are good for everyone since they prevent cavities, but they’re especially important for children.

Whitening toothpastes won’t bleach teeth, but they are good for maintaining a bright tooth color after bleaching and reducing new stains. These are also ideal for your image-conscious teenager.

If someone in your family has swollen gums, braces, or a history of gum disease, then they could use the help of an antigingivitis toothpaste for plaque control.

Young kids like mild fruity flavors and bright colors in their toothpastes. It’s a bonus if it comes in a box with their favorite cartoon character on it. This type of fun toothpaste is great for getting your kids to cooperate when it’s time to brush their teeth.

Ask your dentist to suggest a cost-effective toothpaste that meets your family’s needs.

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