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My Child Won’t Let Me Brush Her Teeth!

You don’t always have the time or energy to fight back when your child pitches a fit over an everyday task like tooth brushing. But oral hygiene is vital to overall health for kids as well as adults.

Tooth brushing prevents bacterial buildup that causes gingivitis and cavities. You know your child needs to have her teeth brushed every day, but it’s a real challenge when she resists.

What can you do? The following tips may help.

Make brushing a fun family affair.

Your child may take up an interest in brushing when she sees that you and others in the family are having fun.

Stir up a little friendly competition and challenge each other to see who can make the most toothpaste bubbles. Let your child brush your teeth in return for letting you brush hers. Play some music, do a dance – just make it so lively that she won’t be able to resist!

Set up role models.

Praise older siblings for obediently brushing in the presence of the more resistant child. At sleepovers, make sure she sees that even Grandma and the cousins have to brush. Look up kids’ books and cartoons featuring a well-loved character who obediently brush their teeth.

Let her choose her own brush and toothpaste.

Give your child some autonomy when it comes to selecting oral hygiene products. A toothbrush with her favorite cartoon characters, the bubblegum- or fruity-flavored kids’ toothpaste she likes, or a bright-colored rinse your dentist recommends. The more involved your kid is, the more likely she’ll take her responsibility to brush seriously. 

Get more fun and creative tips for brushing kids’ teeth from your family or pediatric dentist.

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