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Does My Child Really Need Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are an increasingly popular preventive dental procedure for kids. But does this mean you should jump on-board and have them placed for your child’s smile?

What Sealants Do

With dental sealants, a thin layer of a resin material is painted into the grooves of the back teeth. This “paint” reduces the depth of the grooves, making it easier to keep them clean. It also prevents cavity-causing bacteria from settling in too deep.

The sealant placement process involves:

  • Polishing the surfaces of the tooth
  • Lightly etching the tooth surface
  • Painting the sealant material on in a thin layer
  • Curing the tooth with a bright light for a few seconds
  • Checking the surface for a tight bond
  • A fluoride treatment is recommended for strengthening the tooth even more

Are Sealants Safe?

Yes! Dental sealants don’t cause irreparable damage to tooth structure. They don’t leak any harmful toxins into the body system, and the placement process is drill-free. There is virtually nothing that you or your child should fear (not even shots!)

Benefits Now and Later

Dental sealants prevent food from getting stuck in the deep grooves of teeth. This makes them ideal for kids that have a hard time remembering to brush. By sealing out cavity-causing bacteria, you can reduce your child’s cavity risk altogether. Sealants can spare your family with the frustration of having longer appointments later on to repair the damage done by cavities.

Find out whether dental sealants are right for your kids by scheduling an examination with your local dentist. Regular check-ups will ensure that your children are given the best foundation possible for a future of healthy smiles!

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