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Family Dentistry

Some people are asking, “Why should I see a family dentist? Isn’t a general dentist just the same?”

Family dentistry focuses on oral health at every stage of life. Children and adults have very distinct dental needs, and qualified family dentists offer comprehensive oral care from baby teeth to permanent teeth. While general dentistry and family dentistry both focus on oral hygiene and the health of the mouth, family dentists focus on the unique needs of a child’s developing mouth through adulthood.

Family dentistry is a unique branch of dentistry that wants to stay with patients for a lifetime. Despite the popularity in pediatric dentistry in the last 10 years, family dentistry is also on the rise. And for good reason. One of the most important considerations of dentists is how the mouth changes from visit to visit. A person who has seen the same family dentist for years is more likely to have any slight deviation from the norm caught early. From X-rays, to previous history, and the patient-doctor relationship, family dentists are generally very good at catching the smallest changes in a patient’s oral health. Years of working with the same patients allows for dentists to become extremely familiar with their oral makeup so that any red flags are more apparent.

Family dentists also completely understand all of the stages of how teeth change with age. A family dentist knows that as a child ages, the teeth change and develop through certain oral stages. With this understanding, a family dentist is able to give more comprehensive care to young patients as they grow into their teen and adult years. Family dentists can care for a person’s entire family to develop relationships that provide years of care.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mitul Patel 


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