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There’s a dentist for just about everything these days: cosmetics, implants, sleep dentistry, pediatrics, and braces. With your busy family schedule, taking your children to multiple offices and yourself to another can cause quite a headache. Coordinating care between everyone and the different providers sometimes seem impossible. No wonder so many families find themselves happy getting their comprehensive oral health care at a family dental office.

Family dentistry is an approach to dental care that addresses the comprehensive dental needs of the entire family. From pediatric dental care, to gum disease treatments, to dental implants…everyone’s dental needs can be cared for in just one location. A highly-skilled dentist is able to provide all of these services in their office, without specializing in only one area of treatment. From ages 1 to 101, everyone can get access to the dental care that they need.

Are you tired of having to go to one office for one treatment, and another office for something else? Then choosing a family dentist is just the answer. Flexible scheduling options allow family members to come in together, saving them valuable time for other things going on in their life. In most cases, all of their dental needs can be completed in just one office.

It’s not ever fun to break up with your dentist, but if you’re having a hard time getting the care you need, simply because it’s inconvenient, then the break-up has already happened for you. Find a family dentist today, and get you and your loved ones back on track to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Joni Price DMD, ToothMasters

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