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Full-Mouth Reconstruction and a Smile Makeover: Know the Difference!

Did you know that these are two separate terms? They might sound like they’re the same thing. But these treatment plans have different goals and elements. How so?

Determining the Need

Your need depends largely on the health and function of your mouth.

Basically, if your mouth is healthy and functioning well, a smile makeover will have a cosmetic impact on improving the aesthetics, alone. But if trauma or disease has compromised the way you smile, eat, breathe, and/or talk, then reconstruction is necessary.

If you’ve experienced:

  • Oral cancer
  • Missing teeth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • An accident
  • Extensive tooth decay

…or any combination of such things, then you need more than superficial cosmetic help. So what’s involved?

Included in A Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Restoring your entire mouth means addressing all issues that compromise your oral health. You will likely visit a few specialists who will take care of different areas of concern. The first priority is to stop existing disease from advancing. You may need tooth extraction or gum/oral surgery.

The next step is to restore function by replacing materials that were lost to injury or disease. Implants, grafting, and dental prostheses may be included in this process. Once you can smile and eat comfortably with your new mouth, you can then look into the smile makeover stage!

Have Fun with a Smile Makeover!

A smile makeover means boosting the appearance of your smile with cosmetic procedures like:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Cosmetic orthodontia

These are services that can make you feel better about your smile. However, they’re not essential to having a healthy mouth.

Find out which restorative and cosmetic procedures are right for you by having an examination at your local dental office.

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