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Full Mouth Reconstruction – What Is It?

Whether the result of gum disease, decay, oral cancer, injury, or simply genetics, you may not like seeing your smile in photos. Even simple functions like eating and talking may be difficult and even painful.

Often referred to as “FMR,” full mouth reconstruction is the project of bringing your damaged smile back to a state of health, functionality, and beauty that matches or exceeds what you had before.

Included in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rebuilding your mouth can include a variety of elements. The ultimate goal is to address every need at different stages by carefully mapping out the treatment priorities. The health of your entire body is taken into consideration when planning a restoration.

A full mouth restoration may include treatments such as:

  • Restorative Procedures
  • Implants
  • Oral surgery
  • Gum therapy
  • Orthodontics
  • Bite adjustment

Who Is Responsible?

Most likely, your general dentist will not provide all the procedures you need. You may end up visiting an orthodontist, a periodontist, an oral surgeon, or an endodontist. These professionals will work closely with your dentist as a team to restore your mouth to its intended level of functionality and beauty.

Different From a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is something you could easily design for yourself. The primary difference is that a makeover is a process you elect to do, while a smile reconstruction is something you have to do to bring your mouth back to a healthy state. Your smile reconstruction may very well include cosmetic aspects. The priority, however, is getting rid of signs of disease and rebuilding the missing elements.

Are you ready to make a huge change in your life? Full mouth reconstruction could be exactly what you need! Call your local dentist to start designing the smile of your dreams.

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