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Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Hygiene Appointment

Each dental hygiene visit represents an opportunity for you to get personalized advice from a dental care professional. This is your chance to get help that Google can’t provide!

How do you get the most from each session?

Be On Time

Your dental care providers understand that life happens. Emergencies arise and bad weather can come up. But if you can, try to arrive to your appointment early. This will help your dental team accommodate you so that you get the full appointment time you deserve.

It’s encouraged to ask questions of the hygienist. But be careful that you don’t talk too much! The issue is that when you’re talking, the hygienist can’t clean your teeth. Too much talking will waste valuable appointment time that is otherwise spent getting your teeth thoroughly cleaned.

Come Prepared

Don’t forget to bring any oral appliances such as mouth guards and dentures to your appointment. The dentist will check the fit of your device and then make sure that it gets properly cleaned. Keep an updated list of your current medications handy. You might want to bring “comfort” items that will help you relax such as:

  • Neck pillow
  • Music device and headphones
  • Book or crossword puzzle

Take Away Valuable Knowledge

The recommendations your hygienist gives go beyond the standard brush-floss-rinse. Listen to HOW you should brush, WHERE you need to floss carefully, and what KIND of rinse you should use. You’ll be alerted to potential problems so that you can treat them early or even avoid them altogether.

Don’t miss your next hygiene appointment! Call your local dental office to schedule it.

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