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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentists believe that there is a sting correlation between the health of a person’s body and the health of a person’s mouth. Holistic dental approaches also combine the most natural dental treatments with state of the art dental technology. There are millions of cases of substance sensitivities all throughout the United States. If people with a metal sensitivity have a cavity filled with a metal filling, there can be serious underlying health related issues. Holistic dentistry allows dentists and patients the freedom to choose personalized care as they look at each patient’s medical history and current health.

One of the most popular procedures that holistic dentists perform is the removal of metal, silver, and mercury fillings. These fillings can be removed and replaced with metal free, BPA free materials. Many times patients must go through a detox period after having metal fillings removed for their bodies to readjust to feeling healthy again. Any time a foreign object or substance is placed inside of a person’s body, the body’s chemistry must adjust. For some people, their systems do not handle the adjustment well and end up feeling fatigued and ill – though many doctors do not associate their symptoms with dental work.

While holistic dentistry may take on a different approach to dental care, the objective is always a promotion of health and wellness for every patient. With a holistic approach to dentistry, dentists are able to treat each patient on a one to one ratio and develop a treatment plan to treat the individual person, not the general issue.

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